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Associate of Arts Degreeimg_8432

The Associate of Arts degree (AA) is designed as the statewide general studies transfer degree, indicating the completion of your general education requirements. This degree is structured for entry into the general range of bachelor's degree programs offered by a four-year college or university. To complete this degree, you need to follow the model general education program listed on this page.


Degree Requirements

  • I. Core Transfer Curriculum (CORE 42):
    The Core Transfer Curriculum comprises 42 hours of the 64-hour AA degree. Courses listed below are recognized as part of the state’s general education CORE 42 transfer curriculum and are guaranteed to transfer to Missouri public colleges and universities. Students who complete the entire 42-hour block will have fulfilled all lower-level general education requirements (excludes professional programs) at Missouri public institutions.
  • II. Communications
    LAL101 Composition I (3)
    LAL102 Composition II (3)
    SPK101 Public Speaking (3)
  • 9 hours
  • III. Humanities and Fine Arts
    Two disciplines must be represented. The required hours must be selected from the following list:
    Art (ART):
    ART101 Art Survey and Appreciation I
    ART102 Art Survey and Appreciation II
    ART110 Drawing & Composition I1

    Drama (DRM):
    DRM120 Theater Appreciation

    Foreign Language (FLN):
    FLN101 Elementary Spanish
    FLN111 Elementary French
    FLN112 Intermediate French

    History (HST):
    HST101 Western Civilization I
    HST102 Western Civilization II

    Literature (LAL):
    LAL120 American Lit. Survey to 1870
    LAL121 American Lit. Survey from 1870 to Pres.
    LAL150 English Lit. Survey to 1750
    LAL151 English Lit. Survey from 1750 to Pres.
    LAL151H English Lit. Survey from 1750 to Pres. (Honors)
    LAL153 Introduction to Contemporary Lit.

    Music (MUS):
    MUS102 Music Appreciation

    Philosophy (PHI):
    PHI150 Introduction to Philosophy
    PHI150H Introduction to Philosophy (Honors)
    PHI152 Introduction to Ethics
    PHI251 Religions of the World
    1Students may select only one performance course to meet the Humanities/Fine Arts requirement.
  • 3 hours
  • IV. Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Two disciplines must be represented. The required hours must include one of the following courses to fulfill the state’s history/Constitution (civics) requirement:
    1HST105 American History to 1865 (3) or
    1HST106 American History from 1865 (3) or
    1HST106H American History from 1865 (Honors) or
    1PSC105 Functions & Policies of American Government (3) or
    1Equivalent transfer courses from colleges/universities must include Missouri Constitution. Constitution test available for students with evaluated transfer course work. Test can be given at any campus site. Test available from Academic Affairs office.

    The remaining six hours must be selected from the following list:
    Economics (ECN):
    ECN101: Macroeconomics
    ECN102: Microeconomics

    Geography (GEO):
    GEO101: World Geography I

    History (HST):
    HST105: American History to 1865
    HST106: American History from 1865
    HST106H: American History from 1865 (Honors)
    Political Science (PSC):
    PSC105: Functions & Policies of American Government
    PSC150: International Relations

    Psychology (PSY):
    PSY101: General Psychology
    PSY205: Human Lifespan Development

    Sociology (SOC):
    SOC101: Sociology

  • 9 hours
  • V. Physical and Biological Sciences
    Two disciplines must be represented and must include at least one course with a lab component. The required hours must be selected from the following list:
    Biological Science (BIO):
    BIO101: Biology
    BIO105: Introductory Conservation Biology
    BIO105H: Introductory Conservation Biology Honors
    BIO150: General Zoology
    BIO151: Introductory Plant Biology
    BIO205: Human Anatomy

    Physical Science (PHY):
    PHY101: Foundations of Physical Science
    PHY120: Foundations of Chemistry
    PHY121: General Chemistry I
    PHY125: Foundations of Physics
    PHY160: Earth Science I
    PHY162: Intro to Astronomy
    PHY163: Geology
    PHY181: General Physics I
    PHY201: Engineering Physics I
  • 7 hours
  • VI. Mathematics
    MTH140 College Algebra (3) or
    MTH142 Quantitative Reasoning (3) or
    MTH150 Precalculus (5) or
    MTH160 Elementary Statistics (3) or
    MTH201 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (5)
  • 3 hour

Math Pathways Information


  • VII. Additional Core Transfer Curriculum Req.
    Students must select courses listed above to fulfill any remaining hours in the core transfer curriculum.
    ***End of 42-hour Core Transfer Curriculum***
  • 3 hours
  • VIII. Additional Degree Requirements
    SKL101: College Orientation
  • 1 hour
  • Electives
    See information below regarding courses serving as electives.
  • 21 hours
  • Total 64 credit hours


Choosing Electives

For some degree programs, recommended elective choices are listed with the suggested curriculum. For other programs, electives will be based on your area of interest. You should always see an advisor for assistance in choosing appropriate electives.

Career/technical courses which will transfer to a four-year institution may be taken as electives. You must present written proof from the receiving institution guaranteeing acceptance prior to career/technical courses being counted as electives.


Transfer Guides

The Academic Maps are suggested curriculum for common AA majors. While these suggested curricula are a good starting point for degree planning, if you intend to transfer to a 4-year institution, check with the transfer college/university for requirements specific to that school. The requirements will vary and it is your responsibility to research those requirements.


Conditions for Graduation

To meet the requirements for graduation from MACC, a student must meet the requirements of the degree and:

  1. 1. Complete 15 semester hours of college level credit applicable to the degree program at Moberly Area Community College.
  2. Complete the recommended course sequence appropriate to the degree.
  3. Have a minimum of 2.0 grade point average.
  4. Submit an application for graduation.
  5. Participate in graduation ceremonies (requests to be excused from commencement ceremonies will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Services).
  6. Pay in full all fees due to Moberly Area Community College.


College Catalog

The requirements for graduation at Moberly Area Community College are those specified in the college catalog at the time you first enroll in the College.

If you want to meet degree requirements printed in the catalog at the time of your initial enrollment, you can do that provided you enroll in at least one fall or spring term each academic year (August - May) AND the catalog was issued no more than seven years prior to the date the degree is to be conferred. (An exception may be granted to those whose education is interrupted by military service.)

If you fail to attend at least one fall or spring term each academic year, you have to meet the degree requirements of the catalog in effect when you resume attending classes.

You can also choose to meet degree requirements as specified in catalogs published after your initial enrollment. If you change programs, you will be expected to meet the graduation requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of the program change. In the case of curriculum changes, instructional deans may make adjustments to the individual degree/certificate plans to meet program requirements.

Every effort will be made to consider earlier course work in a way most beneficial to you in fulfilling current requirements.

Students are subject to all policies/regulations written in the most recent catalog.