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Graphic Arts Technology

Course Descriptions

GRA 100 Orientation to Graphic Arts 1-0-1
An introduction and overview of developments, trends and projections in the Graphics Industry. The course highlights the different opportunities and industries served by this program, and covers the production steps any printed material must go through before completion. Basic units of measurement and industry standards are discussed. Students use trade publications and research current trends. (FA)

GRA 102 Graphics Software 3-0-3
An introductory class that concentrates on the software used for design, layout, typography, illustration, and imaging. Students are introduced to the basic tools and techniques using various programs essential in desktop publishing and web design. Upon completion students should be able to: Understand and use the computer as a fundamental design and production tool, be able to open and save files in the correct format, and design basic graphical components utilizing the correct software for the project. (FA)

GRA 110 Graphic Arts I 3-0-3
Students address fundamentals of image creation using the basics tools of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Concepts of color space and file format are studied. Desktop Publishing formatting techniques using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are utilized in creating DTP designs. Students will create projects with an understanding of raster and vector formats and select the best program suited for each application. Students will continue to use trade publications to research current trends. (FA)

GRA 120 Graphic Arts II 2-2-3
Advanced image creation using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is covered in a series of production projects. Advanced projects include the layout of two-page and multi-page newsletter, large format ad layout, and other page layout techniques. A simulated production environment is created as students design projects and use industry standards and procedures. Emphasis is placed on design and production of multi-color, single color, and spot color layouts. (SP)

GRA 210 Graphic Arts III 2-2-3
The major areas of production used in the printing industry are applied. This includes graphic design, job planning, page layout, halftones, direct to film, direct to plate, image assembly, proofing, plate-making, presswork and bindery/finishing. Students apply each of the production processes to multiple projects. Students will follow projects from pre-production through production and post-production stages. (FA)

GRA 215 Advanced Illustrator 3-0-3
Advanced Illustrator techniques are covered through design and production. Digitized and original images are manipulated in a series of projects utilizing Illustrator, additional hardware and other Adobe software. Emphasis is placed on creativity, concept development and the final output of each piece. Projects are critiqued for aesthetics and technical performance and may become elements of the student’s professional portfolio. Prerequisite: GRA 102 Graphics Software or GRA 110 Graphic Arts I or Instructor approval . (SP)

GRA 216 Advanced Photoshop 3-0-3
Advanced Photoshop continues the student’s exploration of Photoshop with in-depth attention to efficient and exacting production techniques. Topics of emphasis include masks, channel manipulations, color management, Adobe Bridge integration, advanced layer techniques, new features and output to print. Assignments will be technically and conceptually complex. Prerequisite: GRA 102 Graphics Software or GRA 110 Graphic Arts I or Instructor approval. (SP)

GRA 225 Digital-Multimedia Development 3-0-3
An introduction to image design for digital reproduction. Based on latest technologies, the course offers an overview of Adobe Flash and the development of a variety of digital-media projects. Student will create a basic presentation, an animation and an interactive presentation for both webbased media and CD-ROM. Students will begin creation of their digital portfolio that will be expanded and refined in Portfolio Design. (FA)

GRA 235 Product Design 3-0-3
An intermediate study of product design and branding. Students will create product labels, boxes, posters, magazine covers and a variety of product packaging concepts. Recommended for students interested in photo-manipulation, typography and product package development. This course integrates design and production to create prototypes. Course projects may become elements of the student’s professional portfolio. Prerequisite: GRA 110 Graphics Arts I or Instructor approval. (SP)

GRA 245 Pre-Press Production 3-0-3
Pre-press production procedures are identified and used. Students will create impositions, write job specifications, convert files, utilize color management techniques, calculate resolutions and identify production requirements. Print production procedures are applied to specific projects using current hardware and software. Emphasis is on pre-press details. Students will pre-flight files, determine correct color space, use spot colors, and determine specific job requirements. Prerequisite: GRA 120 Graphics Arts II or Instructor approval. (FA)

GRA 255 Screen Printing 3-0-3
This course is an introduction to the basic techniques and processes of screenprinting. Students will solve imaging challenges from a commercial standpoint using both traditional and commercial production equipment. This course requires knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Students will create single color and multi-color projects utilizing photo emulsions, vellum originals, and Imagesetter film. Pre- or Corequisite: GRA 210 Graphics Arts III or Instructor approval. (SP)

GRA 290 Portfolio Design 3-0-3
Students will plan and prepare a professional portfolio using advanced graphic techniques. A traditional portfolio and a digital portfolio in web or multimedia format is created. It is recommended that students take this course in their last semester of study and have developed a series of 25-50 images consisting of print, web and multimedia work. Electronic and printed production techniques will be utilized. At the conclusion of the semester, students will professionally present portfolio work for review. Pre- or corequisite: GRA 210 Graphics Arts III or instructor approval. (SP)

GRA 295 Graphic Arts Technology Internship 0-(6-18)-(2-6)
This course is designed to provide students real-life work experiences through on-thejob training with a field-related cooperating employer in the student’s declared major. Students will be supervised by the business/industry sponsor and report to the Director of Career and Technical Programs or assigned faculty member. The position may be paid or unpaid. Students must complete a minimum of 45 contact hours per credit hour per semester. Course is variable credits and may be repeated for up to six credit hours. Prerequisites: SKL 240, minimum of 30 credit hours, with at least 18 credits of core classes in the program area, 2.50 GPA, and/or approval from the Dean of Career and Technical Education or Director of Career and Technical Programs.

GRA 299 Special Studies in Graphic Arts Technology (1 to 6)-0-(1 to 6)
This course will consist of specialized study in areas of the department, which are not covered in-depth in courses already offered. Students may take no more than six credit hours of special studies in any one discipline. (IN)