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Machine Tool

Course Descriptions

MSP 101 Machine Tool I 2-2-3
This is an introductory course in the study of various metalworking machines with emphasis on the lathe and lathe operations. The course also includes an introduction to the milling machine and surface grinder. (FA)

MSP 102 Machine Tool II  2-2-3
MSP 102 is a further study of metalworking machines and their operation with emphasis on the surface grinder and milling machine. The student will have an opportunity to create, select, plan, and construct projects and instructional material. Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or higher in MSP 101 or instructor approval. (SP)

MSP 210 Machine Tool III 2-2-3
MSP 210 includes additional study of metalworking machines with emphasis on cutting threads, indexing, and precision surface grinding. Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or higher in MSP 102 or instructor approval. (FA)

MSP 215 Tool, Die Making and Metallurgy 3-0-3
This course will provide students with the basics of die development and construction. Primary die components such as punches, punch plates, die blocks, strippers, etc., are discussed as individual entities in addition to their function as part of the complete die. A method of achieving efficient stock-strip layouts is explained, and the reasoning, which determines the optimum choice of stock-strip configurations, is discussed. Additionally, the physical and chemical properties of various types of metals will be discussed as well as the applications and appropriate uses of metals in industrial processes. Prerequisite: MSP101 Machine Tool I or instructor approval. (FA)

MSP 221 Special Problems in Machine Tool 2-2-3
This course is designed to meet special instructional needs of the student and the program area. A student may take the course two times for a maximum of six credit hours. Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or higher in MSP 102 or instructor approval. (SP)

MSP 222 CNC Machining 2-2-3
This course is an introduction to computer numerical Control programming and machining utilizing G and M coding as well as canned cycles. Course includes laboratory work in writing, developing, verifying, and executing part programs on CNC machine tools. Prerequisites: MSP101 or instructor approval. (SP)