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Physical Education

Course Descriptions

PED 101 Life Sports 0-2-1
This course is an introduction to activities such as, but not limited to, golf, dancing, bowling, and net games. Emphasis will be placed on developing lifelong habits of physical fitness. (FA, SP)

PED 140 Methods and Techniques of Officiating I 3-0-3
This course focuses on qualifications, rules, and practical work in officiating basketball, softball, and baseball. (SP)

PED 141
PED 142
PED 241
PED 242 Varsity Sports/Basketball 0-4-.5

This course is designed for the experienced player. Techniques of shooting, passing, dribbling, and rebounding are used in actual game situations. Course may be repeated to a maximum of two semester hours. Prerequisite: Approval of the Athletic Director. (FA, SP)

PED 145 Coaching Football 3-0-3
This course examines coaching football as a possible profession and career with emphasis on offensive and defensive systems, fundamentals, coaching/teaching techniques, and building and developing a team. The role of the teacher/coach will be discussed as it relates to the total educational process and the development of a coaching philosophy. (IN)

PED 150 Coaching Basketball 3-0-3
This course provides insight into the requirements and skills needed to coach basketball at any level. The course will cover offensive and defensive systems of play, the teaching of fundamentals, and organizational skills needed to succeed in the coaching profession. The role of the teacher/coach will be discussed as it relates to each student developing a coaching philosophy. (FA)

PED 201 Introduction to Physical Education 3-0-3
This course addresses the philosophy, principles, problems, and professional outlook on physical education. It is designed for students majoring or minoring in physical education. (FA)