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Proctor Exams FAQ


What is a proctored exam?

A proctored exam is one that is taken under supervision. According to MACC’s policy, a proctored exam must be taken at one of our MACC locations or by a pre-approved professional (approved only if you live more than 30 miles from one of our locations).


Can I just show up for a proctored exam?

No – a proctored exam must be scheduled in advance.


How do I schedule my proctored exam at an MACC site?

A: You must go to RegisterBlast, MACC's online scheduling site. Click the following link, http://www.macc.edu/proctored-exam-information. Next, you will hover over Proctored Exam Information, then click Register.

Students will follow a link they are given to choose the location, date and time of the exam.

  • You will register.
  • You will then automatically receive a confirmation email from the system.
  • You will also receive an automatically generated reminder email a day or two before your exam.

If you experience problems, please contact the office of Instructional Technology by phone at 660-263-4100 ex 11395 or 11525.


Are there sign up deadlines when using RegisterBlast?

A: There is a 24 hours before exam day deadline when using RegisterBlast. You can also sign up until the time of the exam, as long as there is seating available by calling 660-263-4100 Ext 11395.

Please keep in mind seats fill quickly. To ensure a better chance of the time of your choice, plan to register within the first two weeks of class.


What if I am a student at JWCC?

Call the JWCC Testing Center to set up your testing time.


What if I live more than 30 miles from an MACC site?

A: You can request a specific person as a proctor, as long as they meet MACC requirements. Requirements are found at the bottom of the FAQ page. To complete the application form, go to http://www.macc.edu/macc-online-home. Hover over Proctored Exam Information, then click on Non-MACC Proctor Application. You will then download the document.

Students will need to fill out the entire application ensuring the proctor name and contact information are correct.

  • MACC must contact the proctor before any exam information is sent out.
  • In the event that MACC cannot contact the proctor, the Instructional Technology Office will call or email you for corrected information.

Save the document.

  • Save the document with the title "Proctor Application, Name, Class", (example: Proctor Application, Suzie Smith, MTH140)

Email the document to , fax to 660-263-0253, or send by US mail to:

Instructional Technology
Attn: Proctor
Moberly Area Community College
101 College Avenue
Moberly, MO 65270

To ensure time to process your request, we must receive the request no later than 7 days before the exam date range.

Please note that MACC will contact requested proctors to verify their eligibility and MACC reserves the right to deny proctor requests.

You will receive notification regarding your proctor request via your MACC email address.


What is an examples of an acceptable Non-MACC proctors?

Testing or resource center personnel; public librarians, public or private school librarians, counselors, teachers or administrators; are examples of acceptable Non-MACC proctors. The proctor must have a professional email address (no yahoo, gmail, or similar accounts), must be a working professional at the exam administration site, and must have access to a scanner or fax machine.

  • Proctor cannot be related to the student
  • Proctor cannot work with the student
  • Proctor cannot be a current MACC student
  • Students may not use any personal electronic devices
  • Proctor must be available to be contacted by phone before approval is given
  • Proctor must be in the testing room with the student at all times during the exam
  • Proctor must agree to follow instructor testing stipulations


What do I need to bring to my proctored exam?

Your instructor will give you specific instructions regarding your exam. However, you must bring a picture ID (MACC ID, driver's license, or passport) and MACC/CANVAS login. You may not have your cell phone or any other electronic device with you while you are testing (unless approved by instructor).


For questions please call or email

Lisa Price
Instructional Technology Specialist
101 College Avenue
Moberly, MO 65270
660-263-4100 x11395